Looking for an Accountant in Wembley, Brent, Northwest London, then look no further than Sawhney Consulting, Registered Auditors and Chartered Certified Accountants. We cater for all your accounting needs including:

Book Keeping
Accounting Systems
Year End Accounts
Specialist Contruction Industry Needs

Book Keeping

All businesses irrespective of the form of the entity, whether a sole trader, partnership or a Limited company are required to keep appropriate accounting records to back their business transactions.

Where the business is incorporated as a Limited Company, there is statutory requirement under the Companies Act 1985 for the directors of the company to keep accounting records sufficient to show and explain the company’s transactions

Also the business accounting records could be subject to review by government authorities such as H M Revenue & Customs, who require the owners of the business to record their business transactions accurately and keep and preserve certain records and accounts for review.

Moreover, you as the owner of your business and your management will require a certain level of accounting information for your day to day running of the business and also to plan and forecast the future of your business.

Therefore appropriate book keeping is paramount to any business. We at Sawhney Consulting will assist you to maintain your business books and records to fulfil your statutory obligations and at the same time meet your trading requirements.

Accounting System

Each business will have its own characteristics and will therefore demand specific procedures and controls within its systems. We at Sawhney Consulting believe that accounting systems should be implemented only after reviewing and understanding the specific requirements of each individual business.

We therefore put great effort to understand your business and the industry in which you operate. Sawhney Consulting review the accounting systems normally implemented within your industry, we compare them to the objectives of your business and the trading requirements of your management and finally we evaluate the cost and the feasibility of the system before recommending it for your business.

For most small businesses Sawhney Consulting can implement accounting packages such as Sage, Tas Books, Quick Books etc. These are accounting packages which are very commonly used in UK and are adequate for most small businesses. The packages can be installed and kept running at client’s premises or can be maintained at our office.

Sawhney Consulting will also recommend internal control procedures to be implemented in the business with the aim to deter fraud and detect errors and omissions.

Year End Accounts

At Sawhney Consulting, we will assist you to prepare for the year end financial accounts. This will include the statutory accounts for the companies for submission to the authorities such as Company’s House and H M Revenue & Customs.


Sawhney Consulting will assist your business and provide advice to keep your VAT affairs in order and up to date. This will include registering your business for VAT (where applicable), selecting appropriate VAT schemes for your business, preparing VAT returns for submission to the H M Revenue & Customs and advising you on VAT compliance.


For new businesses or businesses employing staff for the first time Sawhney Consulting will help your business to register for the PAYE scheme with the H M Revenue & Customs.

We provide pay roll service to our clients. Payroll slips can be prepared on weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis as required by the client. Payslips will be prepared and posted to you to hand over to your staff. We will also advice you of the monthly PAYE & NIC due by your business to the H M Revenue & Customs.

Sawhney Consulting will also help your business to comply with and submit the year end annual returns due to H M Revenue & Customs and process the paper work required to inform the H M Revenue & Customs of the employees joining and leaving the business.

Construction Industry

Sawhney Consulting can help sub contractor’s to register for Registration Card (CIS4) and then obtain for you Tax Certificate (CIS6) / (CIS5- partner) that entitles you to obtain gross payments without tax being deducted.

Where you are the contractor, we will help you to register your business as Contractor with the   H M Revenue & Customs. We can assist you to complete monthly CIS 23 and CIS 25 vouchers issued by you and account for CIS 24 vouchers received by you each month.

Sawhney Consulting will assist you to comply with all the regulations and provide you with advice on the Construction Industry Scheme.

For all your accounting, auditing, tax and business consultancy needs, contact Sawhney Consulting, an established firm of Registered Auditors and Certified Accountants in Wembley, Brent, North West London.